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Daan Vanoverloop 1 month ago
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- It works.
- Reasonably easy to read.
- Well documented.
- Why introduce `floor` and `door` predicates when `ElPosition` and `ElDoorState` functions are already given?
Using inertia rules and causes on functions is easier than using them on predicates (see page 113 in course notes).
- Using material implication to define `ElPosition` and `ElDoorState` might be risky as it could produce unwanted results if `floor` and `door` are not defined for certain values of `t`, `f` and `d`.
- Good use of helper predicates
- I am unable to prove the invariants, possibly caused by the use of `t - 1`?
- It works.
- Easy to read and well documented.
- `URPartial` looks like a weird solution to a weird problem.
- It is considered a "common mistake" to not use preconditions/putting them inside the definitions, but I didn't do it either and disagree that this is a mistake. The code still looks very readable without them and they are mainly applicable in situations where there are multiple solutions to the problem, which is not the case here.