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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- IMPORTANT: This is an internal file that has been generated
by the Xilinx ISE software. Any direct editing or
changes made to this file may result in unpredictable
behavior or data corruption. It is strongly advised that
users do not edit the contents of this file. -->
<msg type="info" file="Timing" num="2698" delta="new" >No timing constraints found, doing default enumeration.</msg>
<msg type="info" file="Timing" num="3412" delta="new" >To improve timing, see the Timing Closure User Guide (UG612).</msg>
<msg type="info" file="Timing" num="2752" delta="new" >To get complete path coverage, use the unconstrained paths option. All paths that are not constrained will be reported in the unconstrained paths section(s) of the report.</msg>
<msg type="info" file="Timing" num="3339" delta="new" >The clock-to-out numbers in this timing report are based on a 50 Ohm transmission line loading model. For the details of this model, and for more information on accounting for different loading conditions, please see the device datasheet.</msg>
<msg type="info" file="Timing" num="3390" delta="new" >This architecture does not support a default System Jitter value, please add SYSTEM_JITTER constraint to the UCF to modify the Clock Uncertainty calculation.</msg>
<msg type="info" file="Timing" num="3389" delta="new" >This architecture does not support &apos;Discrete Jitter&apos; and &apos;Phase Error&apos; calculations, these terms will be zero in the Clock Uncertainty calculation. Please make appropriate modification to SYSTEM_JITTER to account for the unsupported Discrete Jitter and Phase Error.</msg>