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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<drawing version="7">
<attr value="spartan3" name="DeviceFamilyName">
<trait delete="all:0" />
<trait editname="all:0" />
<trait edittrait="all:0" />
<signal name="A(3:0)" />
<signal name="B(3:0)" />
<signal name="Cin" />
<signal name="Cout" />
<signal name="Sum(3:0)" />
<signal name="A(0)" />
<signal name="B(0)" />
<signal name="B(2)" />
<signal name="A(2)" />
<signal name="B(1)" />
<signal name="B(3)" />
<signal name="A(3)" />
<signal name="A(1)" />
<signal name="XLXN_26" />
<signal name="XLXN_27" />
<signal name="XLXN_28" />
<signal name="Sum(2)" />
<signal name="Sum(1)" />
<signal name="Sum(0)" />
<signal name="Sum(3)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="A(3:0)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="B(3:0)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="Cin" />
<port polarity="Output" name="Cout" />
<port polarity="Output" name="Sum(3:0)" />
<blockdef name="oneBitAdder">
<rect width="256" x="64" y="-192" height="192" />
<line x2="0" y1="-160" y2="-160" x1="64" />
<line x2="0" y1="-96" y2="-96" x1="64" />
<line x2="0" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<line x2="384" y1="-160" y2="-160" x1="320" />
<line x2="384" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="320" />
<block symbolname="oneBitAdder" name="XLXI_4">
<blockpin signalname="A(3)" name="A" />
<blockpin signalname="B(3)" name="B" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_28" name="Cin" />
<blockpin signalname="Sum(3)" name="Sum" />
<blockpin signalname="Cout" name="Cout" />
<block symbolname="oneBitAdder" name="XLXI_1">
<blockpin signalname="A(0)" name="A" />
<blockpin signalname="B(0)" name="B" />
<blockpin signalname="Cin" name="Cin" />
<blockpin signalname="Sum(0)" name="Sum" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_26" name="Cout" />
<block symbolname="oneBitAdder" name="XLXI_2">
<blockpin signalname="A(1)" name="A" />
<blockpin signalname="B(1)" name="B" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_26" name="Cin" />
<blockpin signalname="Sum(1)" name="Sum" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_27" name="Cout" />
<block symbolname="oneBitAdder" name="XLXI_3">
<blockpin signalname="A(2)" name="A" />
<blockpin signalname="B(2)" name="B" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_27" name="Cin" />
<blockpin signalname="Sum(2)" name="Sum" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_28" name="Cout" />
<sheet sheetnum="1" width="3520" height="2720">
<branch name="Cout">
<wire x2="3056" y1="592" y2="592" x1="2832" />
<wire x2="3216" y1="464" y2="464" x1="3056" />
<wire x2="3056" y1="464" y2="592" x1="3056" />
<branch name="Sum(3:0)">
<wire x2="2928" y1="304" y2="368" x1="2928" />
<wire x2="2928" y1="368" y2="720" x1="2928" />
<wire x2="2928" y1="720" y2="784" x1="2928" />
<wire x2="2928" y1="784" y2="928" x1="2928" />
<wire x2="2928" y1="928" y2="1168" x1="2928" />
<wire x2="2928" y1="1168" y2="1392" x1="2928" />
<wire x2="3216" y1="784" y2="784" x1="2928" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="3216" y="464" name="Cout" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="3216" y="784" name="Sum(3:0)" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2448" y="624" name="XLXI_4" orien="R0">
<instance x="1968" y="880" name="XLXI_3" orien="R0">
<instance x="1440" y="1088" name="XLXI_2" orien="R0">
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="336" y="1200" name="Cin" orien="R180" />
<branch name="Cin">
<wire x2="880" y1="1200" y2="1200" x1="336" />
<bustap x2="656" y1="1072" y2="1072" x1="560" />
<bustap x2="592" y1="1136" y2="1136" x1="496" />
<branch name="B(0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="1136" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="1136" y2="1136" x1="592" />
<wire x2="880" y1="1136" y2="1136" x1="688" />
<branch name="B(2)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="784" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="784" y2="784" x1="592" />
<wire x2="1968" y1="784" y2="784" x1="688" />
<branch name="A(2)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="720" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="720" y2="720" x1="656" />
<wire x2="1968" y1="720" y2="720" x1="688" />
<branch name="A(3:0)">
<wire x2="560" y1="352" y2="352" x1="352" />
<wire x2="560" y1="352" y2="464" x1="560" />
<wire x2="560" y1="464" y2="720" x1="560" />
<wire x2="560" y1="720" y2="928" x1="560" />
<wire x2="560" y1="928" y2="1072" x1="560" />
<branch name="A(1)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="928" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="928" y2="928" x1="656" />
<wire x2="1440" y1="928" y2="928" x1="688" />
<branch name="B(1)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="992" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="992" y2="992" x1="592" />
<wire x2="1440" y1="992" y2="992" x1="688" />
<bustap x2="656" y1="720" y2="720" x1="560" />
<bustap x2="592" y1="784" y2="784" x1="496" />
<bustap x2="656" y1="928" y2="928" x1="560" />
<bustap x2="592" y1="992" y2="992" x1="496" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="352" y="432" name="B(3:0)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="352" y="352" name="A(3:0)" orien="R180" />
<branch name="B(3:0)">
<wire x2="496" y1="432" y2="432" x1="352" />
<wire x2="496" y1="432" y2="528" x1="496" />
<wire x2="496" y1="528" y2="784" x1="496" />
<wire x2="496" y1="784" y2="992" x1="496" />
<wire x2="496" y1="992" y2="1136" x1="496" />
<bustap x2="592" y1="528" y2="528" x1="496" />
<branch name="B(3)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="528" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="528" y2="528" x1="592" />
<wire x2="2448" y1="528" y2="528" x1="688" />
<bustap x2="656" y1="464" y2="464" x1="560" />
<branch name="A(3)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="464" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="464" y2="464" x1="656" />
<wire x2="2448" y1="464" y2="464" x1="688" />
<branch name="A(0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="688" y="1072" type="branch" />
<wire x2="688" y1="1072" y2="1072" x1="656" />
<wire x2="880" y1="1072" y2="1072" x1="688" />
<instance x="880" y="1232" name="XLXI_1" orien="R0">
<branch name="XLXN_26">
<wire x2="1344" y1="1200" y2="1200" x1="1264" />
<wire x2="1344" y1="1056" y2="1200" x1="1344" />
<wire x2="1440" y1="1056" y2="1056" x1="1344" />
<branch name="XLXN_27">
<wire x2="1888" y1="1056" y2="1056" x1="1824" />
<wire x2="1888" y1="848" y2="1056" x1="1888" />
<wire x2="1968" y1="848" y2="848" x1="1888" />
<branch name="XLXN_28">
<wire x2="2400" y1="848" y2="848" x1="2352" />
<wire x2="2400" y1="592" y2="848" x1="2400" />
<wire x2="2448" y1="592" y2="592" x1="2400" />
<bustap x2="2832" y1="720" y2="720" x1="2928" />
<branch name="Sum(2)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2752" y="720" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2752" y1="720" y2="720" x1="2352" />
<wire x2="2832" y1="720" y2="720" x1="2752" />
<bustap x2="2832" y1="928" y2="928" x1="2928" />
<branch name="Sum(1)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2752" y="928" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2752" y1="928" y2="928" x1="1824" />
<wire x2="2832" y1="928" y2="928" x1="2752" />
<bustap x2="2832" y1="1168" y2="1168" x1="2928" />
<branch name="Sum(0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2768" y="1168" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1328" y1="1072" y2="1072" x1="1264" />
<wire x2="1328" y1="1072" y2="1168" x1="1328" />
<wire x2="2768" y1="1168" y2="1168" x1="1328" />
<wire x2="2832" y1="1168" y2="1168" x1="2768" />
<bustap x2="2832" y1="368" y2="368" x1="2928" />
<branch name="Sum(3)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-TVCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2832" y="432" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2832" y1="368" y2="432" x1="2832" />
<wire x2="2832" y1="432" y2="464" x1="2832" />