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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<symbol version="7" name="fourBitAdder">
<pin polarity="Input" x="0" y="-160" name="A(3:0)" />
<pin polarity="Input" x="0" y="-96" name="B(3:0)" />
<pin polarity="Input" x="0" y="-32" name="Cin" />
<pin polarity="Output" x="384" y="-160" name="Cout" />
<pin polarity="Output" x="384" y="-96" name="Sum(3:0)" />
<rect width="256" x="64" y="-192" height="192" />
<attrtext style="alignment:BCENTER;fontsize:56;fontname:Arial" attrname="SymbolName" x="192" y="-200" type="symbol" />
<line x2="0" y1="-160" y2="-160" x1="64" />
<attrtext style="fontsize:24;fontname:Arial" attrname="PinName" x="72" y="-160" type="pin A(3:0)" />
<rect width="64" x="0" y="-172" height="24" />
<line x2="0" y1="-96" y2="-96" x1="64" />
<attrtext style="fontsize:24;fontname:Arial" attrname="PinName" x="72" y="-96" type="pin B(3:0)" />
<rect width="64" x="0" y="-108" height="24" />
<line x2="0" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<attrtext style="fontsize:24;fontname:Arial" attrname="PinName" x="72" y="-32" type="pin Cin" />
<line x2="384" y1="-160" y2="-160" x1="320" />
<attrtext style="alignment:RIGHT;fontsize:24;fontname:Arial" attrname="PinName" x="312" y="-160" type="pin Cout" />
<line x2="384" y1="-96" y2="-96" x1="320" />
<attrtext style="alignment:RIGHT;fontsize:24;fontname:Arial" attrname="PinName" x="312" y="-96" type="pin Sum(3:0)" />
<rect width="64" x="320" y="-108" height="24" />