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Running: /opt/Xilinx/14.7/ISE_DS/ISE/bin/lin64/unwrapped/fuse -intstyle ise -incremental -lib unisims_ver -lib unimacro_ver -lib xilinxcorelib_ver -o /home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb_isim_beh.exe -prj /home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb_beh.prj work.fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb work.glbl
ISim P.20131013 (signature 0xfbc00daa)
Number of CPUs detected in this system: 12
Turning on mult-threading, number of parallel sub-compilation jobs: 24
Determining compilation order of HDL files
Analyzing Verilog file "/home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/HA.v" into library work
Analyzing Verilog file "/home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/oneBitAdder.v" into library work
Analyzing Verilog file "/home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitTest.v" into library work
Analyzing Verilog file "/opt/Xilinx/14.7/ISE_DS/ISE//verilog/src/glbl.v" into library work
Parsing VHDL file "/home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitAdder.vhf" into library work
Starting static elaboration
Completed static elaboration
Fuse Memory Usage: 100740 KB
Fuse CPU Usage: 480 ms
Compiling module HA
Compiling module oneBitAdder
Compiling module fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb
Compiling module glbl
Compiling package standard
Compiling package std_logic_1164
Compiling package numeric_std
Compiling package vcomponents
Compiling package vl_types
Compiling architecture behavioral of entity fourBitAdder [fourbitadder_default]
Time Resolution for simulation is 1ps.
Waiting for 1 sub-compilation(s) to finish...
Compiled 7 VHDL Units
Compiled 4 Verilog Units
Built simulation executable /home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb_isim_beh.exe
Fuse Memory Usage: 1726436 KB
Fuse CPU Usage: 530 ms
GCC CPU Usage: 1220 ms