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ISim log file
Running: /home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb_isim_beh.exe -intstyle ise -gui -tclbatch isim.cmd -wdb /home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/fourBitAdder_fourBitAdder_sch_tb_isim_beh.wdb
ISim P.20131013 (signature 0xfbc00daa)
WARNING: A WEBPACK license was found.
WARNING: Please use Xilinx License Configuration Manager to check out a full ISim license.
WARNING: ISim will run in Lite mode. Please refer to the ISim documentation for more information on the differences between the Lite and the Full version.
This is a Lite version of ISim.
Time resolution is 1 ps
# onerror resume
# wave add /
# run 200 ns
Simulator is doing circuit initialization process.
Finished circuit initialization process.
# exit 0