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xst -intstyle ise -ifn "/home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/topFour.xst" -ofn "/home/daan/Documents/School/Digitale elektronica en processoren/practicum/fourBitAdder/topFour.syr"
ngdbuild -intstyle ise -dd _ngo -nt timestamp -i -p xc3s200-ft256-4 "topFour.ngc" topFour.ngd
map -intstyle ise -p xc3s200-ft256-4 -cm area -ir off -pr off -c 100 -o topFour_map.ncd topFour.ngd topFour.pcf
par -w -intstyle ise -ol high -t 1 topFour_map.ncd topFour.ncd topFour.pcf
trce -intstyle ise -v 3 -s 4 -n 3 -fastpaths -xml topFour.twx topFour.ncd -o topFour.twr topFour.pcf