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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<drawing version="7">
<attr value="spartan3" name="DeviceFamilyName">
<trait delete="all:0" />
<trait editname="all:0" />
<trait edittrait="all:0" />
<signal name="seg_c">
<attr value="n15" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_d">
<attr value="p15" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_e">
<attr value="r16" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_f">
<attr value="f13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_g">
<attr value="n16" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_dp">
<attr value="p16" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="an(0)">
<attr value="d14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="an(1)">
<attr value="g14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="an(2)">
<attr value="f14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="an(3)">
<attr value="e13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_a">
<attr value="e14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="seg_b">
<attr value="g13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="an(3:0)" />
<signal name="sw(0)">
<attr value="f12" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(1)">
<attr value="g12" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(2)">
<attr value="h14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(3)">
<attr value="h13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(4)">
<attr value="j14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(5)">
<attr value="j13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(6)">
<attr value="k14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(7)">
<attr value="k13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(2)">
<attr value="l12" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(3)">
<attr value="n14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(1)">
<attr value="p14" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(0)">
<attr value="k12" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(7:0)" />
<signal name="ld(5)">
<attr value="n12" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(6)">
<attr value="p12" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(7)">
<attr value="p11" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="ld(4)">
<attr value="p13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="sw(7:0)" />
<signal name="btn_0">
<attr value="m13" name="LOC">
<trait verilog="all:0 wsynth:1" />
<trait vhdl="all:0 wa:1 wd:1" />
<signal name="switch(7:0)" />
<signal name="switch(3:0)" />
<signal name="switch(7:4)" />
<signal name="XLXN_6" />
<signal name="cout" />
<signal name="sum(3:0)" />
<signal name="sum(3)" />
<signal name="sum(2)" />
<signal name="sum(1)" />
<signal name="sum(0)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_c" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_d" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_e" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_f" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_g" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_dp" />
<port polarity="Output" name="an(0)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="an(1)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="an(2)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="an(3)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_a" />
<port polarity="Output" name="seg_b" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(0)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(1)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(2)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(3)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(4)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(5)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(6)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="sw(7)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(2)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(3)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(1)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(0)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(5)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(6)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(7)" />
<port polarity="Output" name="ld(4)" />
<port polarity="Input" name="btn_0" />
<blockdef name="gnd">
<line x2="64" y1="-64" y2="-96" x1="64" />
<line x2="52" y1="-48" y2="-48" x1="76" />
<line x2="60" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="68" />
<line x2="40" y1="-64" y2="-64" x1="88" />
<line x2="64" y1="-64" y2="-80" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="-128" y2="-96" x1="64" />
<blockdef name="ibuf8">
<rect width="96" x="128" y="-44" height="24" />
<line x2="128" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="224" />
<rect width="64" x="0" y="-44" height="24" />
<line x2="64" y1="0" y2="-64" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="0" x1="128" />
<line x2="128" y1="-64" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="0" />
<blockdef name="ibuf">
<line x2="64" y1="0" y2="-64" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="0" x1="128" />
<line x2="128" y1="-64" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<line x2="128" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="224" />
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="0" />
<blockdef name="vcc">
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="-64" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="0" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<line x2="32" y1="-64" y2="-64" x1="96" />
<blockdef name="obuf">
<line x2="64" y1="0" y2="-64" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="0" x1="128" />
<line x2="128" y1="-64" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<line x2="64" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="0" />
<line x2="128" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="224" />
<blockdef name="fourBitAdder">
<rect width="256" x="64" y="-192" height="192" />
<line x2="0" y1="-160" y2="-160" x1="64" />
<rect width="64" x="0" y="-172" height="24" />
<line x2="0" y1="-96" y2="-96" x1="64" />
<rect width="64" x="0" y="-108" height="24" />
<line x2="0" y1="-32" y2="-32" x1="64" />
<line x2="384" y1="-160" y2="-160" x1="320" />
<line x2="384" y1="-96" y2="-96" x1="320" />
<rect width="64" x="320" y="-108" height="24" />
<block symbolname="gnd" name="XLXI_32">
<blockpin signalname="seg_dp" name="G" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_25">
<blockpin signalname="seg_a" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_26">
<blockpin signalname="seg_b" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_27">
<blockpin signalname="seg_c" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_28">
<blockpin signalname="seg_d" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_29">
<blockpin signalname="seg_e" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_30">
<blockpin signalname="seg_f" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_31">
<blockpin signalname="seg_g" name="P" />
<block symbolname="gnd" name="XLXI_57">
<blockpin signalname="an(3)" name="G" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_21">
<blockpin signalname="an(0)" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_22">
<blockpin signalname="an(1)" name="P" />
<block symbolname="vcc" name="XLXI_23">
<blockpin signalname="an(2)" name="P" />
<block symbolname="gnd" name="XLXI_3">
<blockpin signalname="ld(5)" name="G" />
<block symbolname="gnd" name="XLXI_2">
<blockpin signalname="ld(6)" name="G" />
<block symbolname="gnd" name="XLXI_4">
<blockpin signalname="ld(7)" name="G" />
<block symbolname="ibuf8" name="XLXI_17">
<blockpin signalname="sw(7:0)" name="I(7:0)" />
<blockpin signalname="switch(7:0)" name="O(7:0)" />
<block symbolname="obuf" name="XLXI_34">
<blockpin signalname="sum(0)" name="I" />
<blockpin signalname="ld(0)" name="O" />
<block symbolname="obuf" name="XLXI_35">
<blockpin signalname="sum(1)" name="I" />
<blockpin signalname="ld(1)" name="O" />
<block symbolname="obuf" name="XLXI_36">
<blockpin signalname="sum(2)" name="I" />
<blockpin signalname="ld(2)" name="O" />
<block symbolname="obuf" name="XLXI_37">
<blockpin signalname="sum(3)" name="I" />
<blockpin signalname="ld(3)" name="O" />
<block symbolname="obuf" name="XLXI_38">
<blockpin signalname="cout" name="I" />
<blockpin signalname="ld(4)" name="O" />
<block symbolname="ibuf" name="XLXI_20">
<blockpin signalname="btn_0" name="I" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_6" name="O" />
<block symbolname="fourBitAdder" name="XLXI_58">
<blockpin signalname="switch(3:0)" name="A(3:0)" />
<blockpin signalname="switch(7:4)" name="B(3:0)" />
<blockpin signalname="XLXN_6" name="Cin" />
<blockpin signalname="cout" name="Cout" />
<blockpin signalname="sum(3:0)" name="Sum(3:0)" />
<sheet sheetnum="1" width="3520" height="2720">
<branch name="seg_c">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2208" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2000" y1="1936" y2="2208" x1="2000" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2208" y2="2208" x1="2000" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2208" y2="2208" x1="2272" />
<branch name="seg_d">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2272" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1920" y1="1936" y2="2272" x1="1920" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2272" y2="2272" x1="1920" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2272" y2="2272" x1="2272" />
<branch name="seg_e">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2336" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1840" y1="1936" y2="2336" x1="1840" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2336" y2="2336" x1="1840" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2336" y2="2336" x1="2272" />
<branch name="seg_f">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2400" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1760" y1="1936" y2="2400" x1="1760" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2400" y2="2400" x1="1760" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2400" y2="2400" x1="2272" />
<branch name="an(0)">
<wire x2="400" y1="2256" y2="2288" x1="400" />
<wire x2="560" y1="2288" y2="2288" x1="400" />
<branch name="an(1)">
<wire x2="320" y1="2256" y2="2352" x1="320" />
<wire x2="560" y1="2352" y2="2352" x1="320" />
<branch name="an(2)">
<wire x2="224" y1="2256" y2="2416" x1="224" />
<wire x2="560" y1="2416" y2="2416" x1="224" />
<rect style="linestyle:Dash" width="1984" x="468" y="1992" height="588" />
<line x2="1124" y1="2276" y2="2540" x1="1124" />
<line x2="1356" y1="2276" y2="2536" x1="1356" />
<line x2="892" y1="2276" y2="2536" x1="892" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1024" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="928" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="928" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1024" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="960" y="2492" height="28" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="960" y="2396" height="32" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="960" y="2292" height="28" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="980" y="2304">a</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1032" y="2364">b</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1036" y="2456">c</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="984" y="2508">d</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="932" y="2456">e</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="940" y="2356">f</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="984" y="2408">g</text>
<circle style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" r="26" cx="1086" cy="2506" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1068" y="2500">dp</text>
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1248" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1152" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1152" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1248" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="1184" y="2492" height="28" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="1184" y="2396" height="32" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="1184" y="2292" height="28" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1204" y="2304">a</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1256" y="2364">b</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1260" y="2456">c</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1208" y="2508">d</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1156" y="2456">e</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1164" y="2356">f</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1208" y="2408">g</text>
<circle style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" r="26" cx="1310" cy="2506" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1292" y="2500">dp</text>
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1488" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1392" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1392" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="1488" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="1424" y="2492" height="28" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="1424" y="2396" height="32" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="1424" y="2292" height="28" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1444" y="2304">a</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1496" y="2364">b</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1500" y="2456">c</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1448" y="2508">d</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1396" y="2456">e</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1404" y="2356">f</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1448" y="2408">g</text>
<circle style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" r="26" cx="1550" cy="2506" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="1532" y="2500">dp</text>
<rect width="924" x="664" y="2276" height="260" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="784" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="688" y="2320" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="688" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="32" x="784" y="2416" height="80" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="720" y="2492" height="28" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="720" y="2396" height="32" />
<rect style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" width="64" x="720" y="2292" height="28" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="740" y="2304">a</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="792" y="2364">b</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="796" y="2456">c</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="744" y="2508">d</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="692" y="2456">e</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="700" y="2356">f</text>
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="744" y="2408">g</text>
<circle style="fillcolor:rgb(255,255,0);fillstyle:Solid" r="26" cx="846" cy="2506" />
<text style="fontsize:40;fontname:Arial" x="828" y="2500">dp</text>
<text style="fontsize:48;fontname:Arial" x="736" y="2252">AN3</text>
<text style="fontsize:48;fontname:Arial" x="972" y="2252">AN2</text>
<text style="fontsize:48;fontname:Arial" x="1192" y="2252">AN1</text>
<text style="fontsize:48;fontname:Arial" x="1420" y="2256">AN0</text>
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="560" y="2288" name="an(0)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="560" y="2352" name="an(1)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="560" y="2416" name="an(2)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="560" y="2480" name="an(3)" orien="R0" />
<branch name="seg_a">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2080" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2160" y1="1936" y2="2080" x1="2160" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2080" y2="2080" x1="2160" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2080" y2="2080" x1="2272" />
<branch name="seg_b">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2144" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2080" y1="1936" y2="2144" x1="2080" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2144" y2="2144" x1="2080" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2144" y2="2144" x1="2272" />
<instance x="2096" y="1936" name="XLXI_25" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2016" y="1936" name="XLXI_26" orien="R0" />
<instance x="1936" y="1936" name="XLXI_27" orien="R0" />
<instance x="1856" y="1936" name="XLXI_28" orien="R0" />
<instance x="1776" y="1936" name="XLXI_29" orien="R0" />
<instance x="1696" y="1936" name="XLXI_30" orien="R0" />
<instance x="1616" y="1936" name="XLXI_31" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2080" name="seg_a" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2144" name="seg_b" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2208" name="seg_c" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2272" name="seg_d" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2336" name="seg_e" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2400" name="seg_f" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2464" name="seg_g" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2336" y="2528" name="seg_dp" orien="R0" />
<branch name="seg_g">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2272" y="2464" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1680" y1="1936" y2="2464" x1="1680" />
<wire x2="2272" y1="2464" y2="2464" x1="1680" />
<wire x2="2336" y1="2464" y2="2464" x1="2272" />
<instance x="2192" y="2688" name="XLXI_32" orien="R0" />
<branch name="seg_dp">
<wire x2="2336" y1="2528" y2="2528" x1="2256" />
<wire x2="2256" y1="2528" y2="2560" x1="2256" />
<branch name="an(3)">
<wire x2="496" y1="2480" y2="2560" x1="496" />
<wire x2="560" y1="2480" y2="2480" x1="496" />
<instance x="432" y="2688" name="XLXI_57" orien="R0" />
<branch name="an(3:0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="672" y="2192" type="branch" />
<wire x2="672" y1="2192" y2="2192" x1="560" />
<wire x2="768" y1="2192" y2="2192" x1="672" />
<text style="fontsize:64;fontname:Arial" x="520" y="2040">Four-Digit, Seven-Segment LED Display</text>
<text style="fontsize:32;fontname:Arial;textcolor:rgb(0,0,255)" x="520" y="2092">Active Low</text>
<instance x="336" y="2256" name="XLXI_21" orien="R0" />
<instance x="256" y="2256" name="XLXI_22" orien="R0" />
<instance x="160" y="2256" name="XLXI_23" orien="R0" />
<branch name="sw(2)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="608" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="608" y2="608" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="608" y2="608" x1="560" />
<branch name="sw(3)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="672" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="672" y2="672" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="672" y2="672" x1="560" />
<branch name="sw(4)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="736" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="736" y2="736" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="736" y2="736" x1="560" />
<branch name="sw(5)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="800" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="800" y2="800" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="800" y2="800" x1="560" />
<branch name="sw(6)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="864" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="864" y2="864" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="864" y2="864" x1="560" />
<branch name="sw(7)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="928" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="928" y2="928" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="928" y2="928" x1="560" />
<rect style="linestyle:Dash" width="352" x="356" y="344" height="720" />
<text style="fontsize:32;fontname:Arial;textcolor:rgb(0,0,255)" x="428" y="420">UP=ON=Logic High </text>
<text style="fontsize:64;fontname:Arial" x="412" y="380">Switches</text>
<rect style="linestyle:Dash" width="316" x="2596" y="700" height="812" />
<text style="fontsize:64;fontname:Arial" x="2688" y="744">LEDs</text>
<text style="fontsize:32;fontname:Arial;textcolor:rgb(0,0,255)" x="2684" y="792">Active High</text>
<branch name="ld(2)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="976" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="976" y2="976" x1="2656" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="976" y2="976" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(3)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="1040" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="1040" y2="1040" x1="2656" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="1040" y2="1040" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(1)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="912" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="912" y2="912" x1="2656" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="912" y2="912" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="848" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="848" y2="848" x1="2656" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="848" y2="848" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(7:0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="2768" y="1456" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2768" y1="1456" y2="1456" x1="2656" />
<wire x2="2848" y1="1456" y2="1456" x1="2768" />
<instance x="2400" y="1312" name="XLXI_3" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2448" y="1376" name="XLXI_2" orien="R0" />
<branch name="ld(5)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="1168" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2464" y1="1168" y2="1184" x1="2464" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="1168" y2="1168" x1="2464" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="1168" y2="1168" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(6)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="1232" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2512" y1="1232" y2="1248" x1="2512" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="1232" y2="1232" x1="2512" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="1232" y2="1232" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(7)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="1296" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2576" y1="1296" y2="1312" x1="2576" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="1296" y2="1296" x1="2576" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="1296" y2="1296" x1="2736" />
<branch name="ld(4)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="2736" y="1104" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2736" y1="1104" y2="1104" x1="2656" />
<wire x2="2816" y1="1104" y2="1104" x1="2736" />
<instance x="2512" y="1440" name="XLXI_4" orien="R0" />
<instance x="736" y="1024" name="XLXI_17" orien="R0" />
<branch name="sw(7:0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER" attrname="Name" x="544" y="992" type="branch" />
<wire x2="544" y1="992" y2="992" x1="400" />
<wire x2="736" y1="992" y2="992" x1="544" />
<instance x="2432" y="880" name="XLXI_34" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2432" y="944" name="XLXI_35" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2432" y="1008" name="XLXI_36" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2432" y="1072" name="XLXI_37" orien="R0" />
<instance x="2432" y="1136" name="XLXI_38" orien="R0" />
<rect style="linestyle:Dash" width="356" x="356" y="1128" height="256" />
<text style="fontsize:64;fontname:Arial" x="364" y="1160">Push Buttons</text>
<text style="fontsize:32;fontname:Arial;textcolor:rgb(0,0,255)" x="404" y="1196">PUSHED=ON=Logic High </text>
<branch name="btn_0">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="1264" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="1264" y2="1264" x1="480" />
<wire x2="736" y1="1264" y2="1264" x1="560" />
<instance x="736" y="1296" name="XLXI_20" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="480" name="sw(0)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="544" name="sw(1)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="608" name="sw(2)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="672" name="sw(3)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="736" name="sw(4)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="800" name="sw(5)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="864" name="sw(6)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="928" name="sw(7)" orien="R180" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="848" name="ld(0)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="912" name="ld(1)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="976" name="ld(2)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="1040" name="ld(3)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="1104" name="ld(4)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="1168" name="ld(5)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="1232" name="ld(6)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="2816" y="1296" name="ld(7)" orien="R0" />
<iomarker fontsize="28" x="480" y="1264" name="btn_0" orien="R180" />
<instance x="1472" y="832" name="XLXI_58" orien="R0">
<branch name="sw(0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="480" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="480" y2="480" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="480" y2="480" x1="560" />
<branch name="sw(1)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;displayformat:NAMEEQUALSVALUE" attrname="LOC" x="560" y="544" type="branch" />
<wire x2="560" y1="544" y2="544" x1="480" />
<wire x2="640" y1="544" y2="544" x1="560" />
<branch name="switch(7:0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="1072" y="992" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1072" y1="992" y2="992" x1="960" />
<wire x2="1200" y1="992" y2="992" x1="1072" />
<wire x2="1200" y1="576" y2="672" x1="1200" />
<wire x2="1200" y1="672" y2="736" x1="1200" />
<wire x2="1200" y1="736" y2="992" x1="1200" />
<bustap x2="1296" y1="672" y2="672" x1="1200" />
<branch name="switch(3:0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="1344" y="672" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1344" y1="672" y2="672" x1="1296" />
<wire x2="1472" y1="672" y2="672" x1="1344" />
<bustap x2="1296" y1="736" y2="736" x1="1200" />
<branch name="switch(7:4)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="1344" y="736" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1344" y1="736" y2="736" x1="1296" />
<wire x2="1472" y1="736" y2="736" x1="1344" />
<branch name="XLXN_6">
<wire x2="1296" y1="1264" y2="1264" x1="960" />
<wire x2="1472" y1="800" y2="800" x1="1296" />
<wire x2="1296" y1="800" y2="1264" x1="1296" />
<branch name="cout">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="1888" y="672" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1888" y1="672" y2="672" x1="1856" />
<wire x2="2144" y1="672" y2="672" x1="1888" />
<wire x2="2144" y1="672" y2="1104" x1="2144" />
<wire x2="2432" y1="1104" y2="1104" x1="2144" />
<branch name="sum(3:0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="1920" y="736" type="branch" />
<wire x2="1920" y1="736" y2="736" x1="1856" />
<wire x2="2240" y1="736" y2="736" x1="1920" />
<wire x2="2240" y1="736" y2="848" x1="2240" />
<wire x2="2240" y1="848" y2="912" x1="2240" />
<wire x2="2240" y1="912" y2="976" x1="2240" />
<wire x2="2240" y1="976" y2="1040" x1="2240" />
<bustap x2="2336" y1="1040" y2="1040" x1="2240" />
<branch name="sum(3)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2352" y="1040" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2352" y1="1040" y2="1040" x1="2336" />
<wire x2="2432" y1="1040" y2="1040" x1="2352" />
<bustap x2="2336" y1="976" y2="976" x1="2240" />
<branch name="sum(2)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2352" y="976" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2352" y1="976" y2="976" x1="2336" />
<wire x2="2432" y1="976" y2="976" x1="2352" />
<bustap x2="2336" y1="912" y2="912" x1="2240" />
<branch name="sum(1)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2352" y="912" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2352" y1="912" y2="912" x1="2336" />
<wire x2="2432" y1="912" y2="912" x1="2352" />
<bustap x2="2336" y1="848" y2="848" x1="2240" />
<branch name="sum(0)">
<attrtext style="alignment:SOFT-BCENTER;fontsize:28;fontname:Arial" attrname="Name" x="2352" y="848" type="branch" />
<wire x2="2352" y1="848" y2="848" x1="2336" />
<wire x2="2432" y1="848" y2="848" x1="2352" />