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# Dumper
Dumper is a Frida script to dump L3 CDMs from any Android device.
## ** IMPORTANT **
The function parameters can differ between CDM versions. The default is [4] but you may have to change this for your specific version.
* `CDM_VERSION` can be retrieved using a DRM Info app.
## Requirements
Use pip to install the dependencies:
`pip3 install -r requirements.txt`
## Usage
* Enable USB debugging
* Start frida-server on the device
* Execute
* Start streaming some DRM-protected content
## Known Working Versions
* Android 9
* CDM 14.0.0
* Android 10
* CDM 15.0.0
* Android 11
* CDM 16.0.0
* Android 12
* CDM 16.1.0
## Temporary disabling L1 to use L3 instead
A few phone brands let us use the L1 keybox even after unlocking the bootloader (like Xiaomi). In this case, installation of a Magisk module called [liboemcrypto-disabler]( is necessary.
## Credits
Thanks to the original author of the code.