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Important info

From December 14, 2021, CDM android_generic_4464 is gradually ceasing to work on most major VODs. Accordingly, since the script is based on this CDM, from this day on without replacing the CDM with the "non-leaked" one it will not work. How to fix this can be found in Google (if you need help with this - write to

First run:

Copy headers (with cookies) of POST license request from browser to like dictionary.

pip install -r requirements.txt # if doesn't work try pip3
Input MPD URL:
License URL:

Works only if the site does not require specific json-formatted data in the license request. And if it requires and you want to add its support, write to issues specifying the required json-formatted fields and the algorithm for their formation (if not static).

  1. Normal work:
    Normal work
  2. Server did not issue a license, as it requires additional json-formatted data: error_teapot
  3. If "Unable to find PSSH in mpd" - use this tool to get it manually or write to issues attaching a link to mpd